Weekend Writing Warriors 4/28/13 #8sunday

Today’s excerpt continues on with the story from the last couple weeks.  Basically, Alec is this incubus thing that feeds on negative emotions. He caused lots of problems in my short story “The Kindness of Strangers,” and he’s trying to do it again in this story. But one of the girls he’s fed on didn’t fear him, instead planting all kinds of doubts in his mind as he tries to remember his previous (human) life.

In this scene, he’s having a performance review with a representative (same concept as in my short story “Bardo Bureaucracy“). Alec is trying to find out more details about his past life and the woman he loved.

“So I loved someone, before,” Alec said as he sank onto the couch, trying again to remember who she’d been, relieved there really was someone. “And she loved me too?”

“It’s not about love,” the representative said, rolling his eyes. “She’s your other half; you’re partners, a team, two parts of a whole. Even now you have no choice but to search her out, do whatever you can to help her.”

“And she has to do the same for me?”

“She doesn’t have to; she wants to. She just does.”

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  1. A narcissist, at therapy… I’m getting the picture.

  2. A novel concept to be sure. Light and dark, the eternal struggle. Therapy for a demon? Gotta love it!

  3. How intriguing—there’s more to him than . . . him. :)

    His relief at knowing he once loved is an interesting addition to his personality.

  4. Too cool. I love the concept. And She will find hi. Then the fireworks or something beknown to only you. Good eight.

  5. I love the simplicity of your final sentence in this snippet. It says so much. Great job!

  6. Yes, the whole snippet is simple yet so layered with meaning. Nice premise.

  7. That’s definitely interesting. The rep claims it’s not about love but it surely is for Alec. I like that he’s not the one-dimensional guy he could have been.

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  9. Oh, cool. I’m completely intrigued by this snippet. Love the concept.

  10. I’m with SJ – SO intriguing! Can’t wait to see where this story is going…what happens to Alec…terrific snippet.

  11. I love this idea of Alec not knowing his past. Very intriguing!

  12. Definitely an intriguing snippet with Alec searching for his past…and the representative saying “its not about love” — right!! And yes need to read more to find out what happens. Good job!

  13. Discovering his other half–what a great idea!

  14. I like the part that he really is interested in his past. And someone really does care about him. There is more to him than first appears.

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