Weekend Writing Warriors 4/21/13 #8sunday

Today’s excerpt is from the same story as last week’s.  Basically, Alec is this incubus thing that feeds on negative emotions. He caused lots of problems in my short story “The Kindness of Strangers,” and he’s trying to do it again in this story. But one of the girls he’s fed on didn’t fear him, instead planting all kinds of doubts in his mind as he tries to remember his previous (human) life.

In this scene, he’s having a performance review with a representative (same concept as in my short story “Bardo Bureaucracy“), who’s wondering why Alec hasn’t fed recently per the terms of his contract.

“Who was I, before?”

“Oh, so is that what this is all about?” the representative asked as his lips curled into a vicious smile. “You were no one; less than no one. You had a dead-end job, few possessions, fewer people who cared about you. Your life was empty, meaningless, powerless. But you’re someone now, Alec, someone to be feared and respected. And look at what you have: a fancy sports car, the ability to make any being do anything you want, powers any man would envy.”

“I don’t have love.”

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  1. Excellent #8Sentence. Awesome concluding sentence. Would certainly make me want to read more and know more about Alec and the girl who raised the questions in his mind. Good job!!

  2. Different concept and I love his response. Super eight.

  3. I agree, this makes me want to know more not just about Alec’s other life but about the girl too. Why is she different? Thanks for continuing, this is interesting.

  4. Can I love him for that response? :)

  5. Well at least he still has the right perspective on things if he knows he needs love. Terrific snippet!

  6. Exactly…his sense of priorities is the one thing he has of any true value! Nice job.

  7. Well, he knows where he’s falling short.

  8. Something is penetrating his inner spirit to make him wonder and realize that he doesn’t have love.

  9. Well done as always! Your snippets always leave me wanting more!

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