Weekend Writing Warriors 3/31 #8sunday

In honor of Easter and all the oh-so-fun forced family interactions, this week’s excerpt is from my novel, The Lone Wolf.  In this scene, Kasey, her husband David, and their daughter Aida are having their weekly Sunday dinner at David’s parents’ house.  For years Kasey’s in-laws have considered her to be not good enough for their son and criticized everything she does.  Today Kasey has told Aida she doesn’t need to eat asparagus if she doesn’t want to, but David’s mother sees it differently, and David is, as usual, silently taking his mother’s side.

“Nonsense, Kasey, of course she should eat it; everyone in this family eats asparagus,” said my mother-in-law.  “My goodness, what do you feed the poor child?”

I glanced at David, but he was staring intently at his plate as he chewed. I kicked his shin under the table and he coughed, choking on the bite in his mouth, but still said nothing.

“We’re moving to Asheville,” I announced, changing the subject.

My in-laws’ mouths dropped open.

“David, you didn’t tell them?” I asked sweetly. If he could throw me to the wolves, I’d do the same to him.

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  1. Love this eight! Way to go. It takes courage to speak up in front of in-laws.

  2. It sure does take courage. You get to a point though where after not getting support for so long, you’re not too concerned about consequences. I bet David complains to Kasey about this–I hope she stomps on his foot!

    Great snippet, ED. Am really curious what this part of the scene leads into.

  3. Atta girl, Kasey! I would have thrown him to the wolves too! Can’t wait to see how he talks his way out of this one. :) Great eight!

  4. Ha! Serves him right. Honestly, this reminds me of my first mother’s day as a new mom and my husband spent it with HIS mother. Yeah, he paid for that one for a while. LOL Skillful depiction of the snarky mother in law. Mine thought because I was city and southern, I couldn’t learn how to grow a veggie garden and learn how to do canning and freezing for the winter. Ya gotta love family dynamics. Great 8.

  5. Loved your 8 and have been in that situation myself with my first MIL. Yay her for having the strength to take a stand. I see storm clouds on the horizon. Well done. You sucked me right in.

  6. Yes! Way to go, Kasey. I’m loving this story. Revenge is sweet! (BTW, for some reason my blog picked up last week’s snippet and republished it. I corrected it right away …) LOL

  7. Oooh, nice revenge there. Hope David mans up pretty soon!

  8. Ed – great scene – well done and love the MC :-)

  9. I LIKE it, tit for tat. Excellent excerpt!

  10. Oh man, he sounds like too much of a mama’s boy and good for Kasey for finally giving some of his own medicine. Great snippet, ED. :)

  11. Go Kasey! He deserved that. If he can’t handle his parents, then moving is a good idea.

  12. That was a great scene! So realistic. And good on her for sticking it to her mother-in-law and her husband’s silence. Great 8!

  13. Lol…it’s great, Ed!! I so love real life family drama. Methinks you know of what you write..Great snippet!

  14. Ed, were those all words for me to use you left on my blog? If so, you are awesome!!

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