Weekend Writing Warriors 3/24 #8sunday

Today’s chunk is from a story I’ve been working on for awhile, about an Albanian guy looking for love and a better life than what’s in his small village.

In this scene, he and his friends are sitting around talking about what they want in a woman.

“You’re running out of girls, Mhll,” Pjeter said. “You turn down too many of them, and you become damaged goods.”

Mhll shrugged.

“Pjeter’s right, my friend,” said Bashkim. “Who’ll take you now?”

“Maybe he’ll be lucky enough that American girl over there will fall in love with him.” Pjeter laughed and nodded across the street, causing his glasses to slide down his nose.

“Maybe she will,” Mhll answered.

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  1. Oh, nicely done! “Maybe she will.”

    And I like the names!

    Good eight. :-)

  2. Great foreshadowing and awesome name spellings!

  3. You always have such great endings on your snippets! This is a great little scene, would like to see the whole thing.

  4. I like his confidence. You’ve captured friendship in the scene so well.

  5. Love the excerpt and especially the ending. I can’t wait to see how the American Girl and Mhll will get together!

  6. A bit of foreshadowing here, maybe? Nice excerpt.

  7. I hope she will. Sounds like he could use a break from the familiar.

  8. I enjoyed this scene among friends. I hope he does find an American girl. Would love to know how this turns out for him?

  9. Oh, a nice setup! I like it.

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