Six Sentence Sunday 1/6 #sixsunday

Today’s six are from a short story I’m working on.  A woman comes home to find an old boyfriend sitting in her kitchen, one who left unexpectedly three years ago and hasn’t contacted her since.

“You left, without a word, and now you expect me to kiss you, to love you like before? I’ve moved on, Michael. I had to move on, because I assumed you did too.” She tore herself from him and marched to the wall, flipped the light switch, and gasped.

His face was bruised, with a large gash running across his left cheek, his right arm curled protectively around his side, and dried blood caked his shirt. “What happened to you?”

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  1. Well this is sure to get a rise out of me! What did he say to her before this? What did she think and feel when she first saw him in her kitchen? Who beat him up and why?

    For a short snippet, this is big time intriguing!

  2. Good for her for being so strong! But will she hold up after seeing him like that? Not sure I would. Great six! :-)

  3. Oh wow, great way to hook ME as a reader LOL! I’m definitely wanting to know more about their past together and what happened to him…terrific six.

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