Six Sentence Sunday 1/20 #sixsunday

Today’s six are from the novel I’m currently querying, The Lone Wolf.  Kasey, the MC, has just had a huge fight with her husband.  She told him she wanted him out; he had a different idea.

He opened the box to reveal a small ring, a simple band with alternating diamonds and sapphires set in it, and asked, “Will you take me back?”

I looked down at my husband, feeling nothing for him: no hate, no love, nothing. I thought of his shouted abuse, his slap, the terror I’d felt when he broke my car window; I thought of Andrew, of how it had felt to kiss him; and finally I thought of Aida, crying in the park over the idea of losing her father.

“I don’t know.” I looked him directly in the eyes. “I don’t know.”

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  1. Dang it, ED you really have characterization down pat! Her thoughts are simple, straightforward, concise, yet strong. I really wanna know what happens from here! Great job.

  2. Wow, there’s a whole novel in her thoughts – terrific excerpt. Can’t wait to see what she does next.

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