Six Sentence Sunday 12/23 #sixsunday

Today’s six are from my short story “Small Town Life,” just published a couple days ago in Shadow Road Quarterly.  The MC, 17-year-old Andrew, has finally stood up to his abusive stepfather.

Mama looked at us both, me standing above my stepdad with blood dripping down my face, him laying on the floor holding his own nose. She was sobbing of course, her reaction whenever I disappointed her. I disappointed her a lot.

“Sorry, Mama,” I said as I looked at Gary on the floor. His stomach was exposed as he lay there so I kicked him, not hard but hard enough.

“Don’t you ever fucking touch me again,” I told him, and I walked out the door.

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  1. Good for Andrew to fight back. Great six! :)

  2. Here’s a strong excerpt, even without seeing Andrew slugging Gary! I really like this. Now I wanna know how Andrew feels about himself.

    And congrats on having it published :)

  3. Powerful six, good for Andrew! Happy Holidays to you…

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