September StoryADay final update #storyaday

As expected, I completely sucked at the September StoryADay Challenge.

The goal was to write 30 stories this month.  Here’s how I did:

  • Stories finished: 5.  Two are almost ready to submit. A couple more have the basics but need to be fleshed out.  One may end up being scrapped (it was written for a very narrow prompt).
  • Stories started: 3.  A couple were just a few pages; one was a decent 3k chunk that’ll probably end up being a novella some day.
  • Stories tweaked:  7.  One I finished the ending on, but it still doesn’t work quite write so I’ll keep tweaking.  Two more were some sections of longer stories that are on their way to being finished, someday.

Once again, I made it about halfway to the goal, with two stories that are good enough to submit and a half dozen more that need just a bit more work.

I think the takeaway from this is that I while I’m never going to win one of these challenges (including NaNo, which starts four weeks from today), if I push myself I can at least make a dent in the piles of stories drifting inside my head.  And that’s something, I suppose.

How do you respond to writing challenges – do you finish, or are your results, like mine, less than stellar?

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