Six Sentence Sunday 7/15 #sixsunday

Today’s six are again from “Tim and Sara,” the story I recently listed on Amazon.

Tim has spent most of his life in a state hospital.  His friend and fellow resident Sara hatches a plan to escape in a desperate attempt to save her soul.

“Tim.” A voice, calling to me through the air that suffocates me like water. “Tim, it’s okay. You don’t need to hide, okay?” A hand brushes my leg and I shudder, lash out at it with my leg (pulls me from the water tells me it’s okay but Paul’s lifeless eyes say otherwise Ellen’s eyes were closed she’s just sleeping so much blood Ellen get up get away from him don’t let him touch you don’t let him touch me). Something stings my thigh, and then all goes black.

Get the rest of the story here to read on your Kindle or ereader.

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  1. love the feel of this, very intriguing!

  2. Wow, intense…leaves us not sure what’s going on or what will happen next….excellent excerpt!

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