Six Sentence Sunday 7/1 #sixsunday

Today’s six are again from a story found in the bottom of a folder.  I think with just a bit of editing, it should be submission-ready.

A mercenary is hanging out in his favorite tavern with his buddies when a disfigured woman from his past approaches him.

“You did this to me,” Caleigh hissed. “I was beautiful, but now I’m a monster, because of you!”

“You’re mistaken, wench. My Caleigh is dead; I saw her die with my own eyes.”

“No,” she said, shaking her head,  “no, I didn’t die that night, and now I spend every waking moment wishing I had, every night dying in my dreams. Because of you!” 

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  1. Wow, powerful set up, really draws the Reader in! Terrific excerpt!

  2. ooo, there’s a tension-filled scene! I think he’s got a few surprises coming and they won’t make him smile.

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