Six Sentence Sunday 6/3 #sixsunday

Today’s six are from a mostly-written story I discovered in the bottom of a folder.

Luisa was fifteen when Carlos kissed her the first time, and she was sixteen when he kissed her the last time, when he started kissing Bonita.

“How could he do this to me, Abuela?” Luisa sobbed that night.

“Love is never free; there is always a price to pay. You must always decide what the cost will be, and who will pay it.”

Luisa thought about her grandmother’s words as she said her evening prayers. “Por favor, Dios mío, make the price Carlos pays steep.”

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  1. Hmm…in my experience, such prayers have undesirable answers. well written six :)

  2. Cool six! I can feel there’s a lot of trouble coming for both of them. Luisa’s very sympathetic. Since you invited us to mention our own, I’m doing SSS at http://lettergoblog.blogspot.com/. I’m still kinda new with it but it’s so much fun to see what other people are up to. BTW, I’m jobless again too; another starving artist! ;)

  3. Lol Luisa’s prayer may be trouble but it’s realistic.

  4. Luisa has spirit for sure! Curious about where this is going (inagoodway), enjoyed the excerpt very much!

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