Six Sentence Sunday 6/24 #sixsunday

This week’s six are from “Innocence,” a StoryADay Challenge companion to my flash piece “The Kindness of Strangers,” which was published last year in The Indiana Horror Anthology 2011.  While passing through a small town, not-quite-human Alec stops at a bar and tries to find the most desperate woman he can.

By the time Alec had reached her apartment Brianna had fully regained consciousness, although experience told him she’d never be the same, not that it bothered him.

Like a gentleman, he came around and opened the door for her, then half-carried her to her apartment, and as he opened the door, she spoke up, startling him.

“I must of drank too much cuz I don’t remember getting home, but I know I had fun tonight,” she said with slurred words, as much from the alcohol as from what he’d taken from her. “No one’s ever paid attention to me like you do.”

Alec scowled as he realized her fear had melted into acceptance, into – dare he say it – love. What was wrong with this girl, that she could have feelings like that for him after what he’d done to her? 

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  1. The internal thoughts here are good- I’m so curious what he actually did.

  2. Yeah I like his thoughts too. He sounds a bit creepy, but in a good way!! I sure do want to know more.

  3. l’m not sure what he has done to her, but l hope she’s ok. Well written!

  4. Interesting, wonder what he did to her, what will happen next, really intrigued by the set up. Great six!

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