Six Sentence Sunday 6/17 #sixsunday

Today’s six are from my endless vault of half-finished stories.  Maybe posting will motivate me to finish this one, which I think wants to be an actiony/romance fantasy short.

Eleanor works as a kitchen maid, and she’s caught the eye of the young manor lord, who’s showering her with presents she refuses to accept.

“I’ve been thinking about this all day, and I can’t decide if what you did was brave, stupid, or a mixture of both.” Luella shook her head, amazement and contempt visible in her eyes. “You could lose your position here, you realize, and still end up having to give his lordship what he wants.”

“I’m fully aware of the consequences,” Eleanor said, meeting the woman’s eyes, “and his lordship needs to be aware that I can’t be bought.  And if he intends to resort to force, well, I’m prepared for that as well.”

Luella stared at Eleanor, then broke into a toothy grin and said, “I wouldn’t doubt it for a moment.”

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  1. His Lordship has NO idea LOL. Love your heroine – I hope you do decide to finish this story someday!

  2. I don’t doubt it either!

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