StoryADay update No. 3 #storyaday

Here’s my report on this week’s progress for the May StoryADay Challenge.

Overall:  not great.

  • I wrote a sizeable chunk of a short story I’ve been thinking about for a couple years, but then the story decided to become a novella (probably about 7000 words when done).  So that became a multi-night project.
  • I finished a story for a contest that ended over a year ago.  It needs some editing, and a new title, but my beta readers have been encouraging with their feedback (“there are those that need to read this and find a kindred spirit. Pls get it out there in a journal where it can be read.”  Yay!)
  • I added another 500 words or so to the horror story I wrote last week.  The main character isn’t quite who I want him to be, so that’ll require some additional tweaking before I let the critiquers at it.  Fortunately I have a potential home for it in mind – an incentive to finish it soon.
  • I wrote a chunk of another story I’ve been working on for the last couple years.  I know where I want it to go, but I haven’t felt like writing it.  Today the mood struck. 

I think I might have to downgrade my goals.  Rather than write a story a day, I’d like to finish the month with 15 finished stories.  So far, I have 3.  But school is out for the summer in another week, so maybe I’ll still be able to pull this off?

If you’re doing the StoryADay challenge, how’s it going?

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  1. Hey 15 stories is still wa-ay more than most of us write in a month. You can do this!

    Just write like the wind. You have the rest of the year to get them ‘right’ :)

    Good luck!

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