Six Sentence Sunday 5/20 #sixsunday

This week’s six are again from a story I wrote this week as part of the StoryADay Challenge. Coworkers Mira and Daniel were caught out in the rain and end up taking shelter at Daniel’s nearby apartment.

Mira had been to his place before, for lesson planning and brainstorming class activities and the occasional French lesson, but today was different – perhaps the impromptuness, the unexpectedness of her standing in his foyer?

“It’s a mess, sorry,” Daniel said, rushing in to knock books and clothes off the couch, to pull shut the door to the kitchen so the dirty dishes weren’t visible.

 “C’est rien,” Mira said as she stepped over a pile of laundry as if it didn’t even exist and alighted on the couch. That was Mira, always ignoring the little things that popped up, taking it all in stride.

Daniel grabbed a mostly-clean towel from the bathroom and sat down next to her. As he gently wiped the rain off her face, her ears, her hair, she leveled such an intense, unreadable gaze on him that he couldn’t help it; he leaned forward and kissed her lips. 

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  1. I wonder what she was thinking – I hope her thoughts were running along the same lines as his! Really enjoyed the description, of people and place. Great six!

  2. Alighted. Now that’s a word I don’t think I’ve ever used in a story. I really ought to though…

    ~ Rhonda Parrish

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