Six Sentence Sunday – 4/8/12 #sixsunday

Here’s six from a fantasy/romance short story I’ve been working on for the last year or so.  Eleanor works in the castle kitchens and has caught handsome, arrogant Lord Ellerbee’s eye.

“Lord Ellerbee requests that you join him for a private dinner tomorrow night, so that he may fully make amends.”

“Aye, I bet that’s exactly what he has in mind,” Eleanor said as she started walking away from the squire.

“You can’t turn down his lordship,” he said, his eyes wide.

“I am a free woman, and I can do whatever I please.”

“Yes, but…but….”

“Fine, then tell his lordship I would rather spend time with my family than listen to his stories about how wonderful he is and his loaded compliments of my appearance, tell him there are plenty of other women working in his kitchens who would willingly wear his jewels and share his bed, and most importantly tell him he’s wasting his time.”

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  1. I LIKE her, very sensible. Somehow I have the feeling her path and Lord E’s will cross sooner or later tho LOL. Terrific snippet!

  2. I love this woman. Good for her. Let him know exactly where he stands. Great six!

  3. Oh, I like this. Her voice is so feisty…great six!

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