Six Sentence Sunday 4/29 #sixsunday

From my flash piece that refuses to be flash. The MC, Mel, was found with a guy named Devrim when he was killed and is on trial for complicity in his death.

Mel was brought forth to a tribunal, to the trial Devrim should’ve had.

“You were told to leave him be.”

“He’s dead because of you.”

“What have you to say in your defense?”

Mel held her head high. “He needed me, so how could I say no?”

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  1. Interesting, hints at much that we don’t know (but surely want to find out)! Intriguing snippet!

  2. Aww, I like her response!

  3. I like your sentences. Very intriguing.


  4. I don’t know if it’s what you were going for or not, but this six reminded me of Harry Potter’s trial at the Ministry of Magic. I love the way she responded. I love girls who know thier own mind, it’s a refreshing change. Nice 6.

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