O is for Overload #atozchallenge

Day 15 of the Blogging from A to Z April challenge. Today’s topic: overload.

(Note:  I think this might be cheating.)

There are about five weeks left in the school year, and my students are having those “Holy crapola, I’m failing my classes and I’m going to need summer school” moments.  Which means they’re in my classroom all day.  Not that I mind – I’m tutoring kids right now in economics and contemporary American history and welding – but that leaves me about 10 minutes all day to myself.  Throw in paperwork for my program and grading papers, and preparing for a huge culminating competition for the kids next week, and a field trip I’m chaperoning next Tuesday, and tracking down skipping kids, and talking to teachers about missing work, and fixing schedules for next year, and I’m easily putting in 10-12 hour days.

And then there’s my family; I don’t work on school stuff while my kid is around and awake.

And writing.  I’ve set myself the goal of sending out queries in a couple days, so after I’ve done all my school stuff (or enough of it), I spend a couple hours editing my novel.

But not tonight.  Tonight I’m going to bed before midnight.  Undone stuff be damned.

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