M is for Musical Memories #atozchallenge

Day 13 of the Blogging from A to Z April challenge. Today’s topic: musical memories.

Before I left last month on my 12-state spring break road trip, I filled up my iPod with 8 GB-ish of music to listen to as I wandered the countryside. And as each song came over the stereo, it evoked specific memories: old boyfriends, vacations, periods in my life, even exact patches of roads where I’d listened to the songs before.

Almost every single song had at least one memory tied to it.  And each memory stirred up certain emotions. Give me a song, a lyric, a tune, and I can give you a story to go along with it.  Conversely, give me a name, a place, an emotion, and I can give you a song to go along with it.

Someday, maybe, hopefully, I’ll be able to get a fraction of those stories out of my head and out into the world.

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