I is for Inspiration #atozchallenge

Day 9 of the Blogging from A to Z April challenge. Today’s topic: inspiration.

I get inspiration everywhere. 

Driving through dilapidated Cairo, Illinois, and eerily empty southeastern Missouri a few weeks ago inspired my short story “Of Gods and Floods.”  A friend’s reference to “a chicken over gators” inspired the short story I’m currently trying to write.

Chef Gordon Ramsey’s constant use of risotto on Hell’s Kitchen inspired me to learn how to cook it myself (and I’m glad I did; it’s damn tasty).

Listening to Algebra Blessett inspires me to do differential equations (yeah, I’m weird like that).

And today, as I brainstormed with a student on how he could get new shoes (he’s homeless and his are falling apart), he told me that what I do for my students is “inspiring.”

What inspires you?

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