Corniest journal of all time

My students respond to journal prompts twice a week.  I try to mix it up: sometimes funny, sometimes easy, sometimes a picture or a quote.  I don’t care what they write, as long as it’s at least a ten-sentence response to the prompt.

A couple weeks ago, I gave them this:

Mrs. Jewels, a teacher at Wayside school, said, “It’s on the inside that matters. That’s why you have to wear expensive underwear.”  What’s inside you that matters?

Here’s one of the responses (complete with original spelling):

Well first off this is the corniest journal of all time.  But sense I have to do this I would say my best quality would be nothing because inside of me is a dark and scary place were evil trolls live.  The name of this place is [name]topia.  Only the darkest and meanist creatures are allowed inside.  There is a password to get in as well.  Its a 900 word password and you have to say it in pig latin.  Then once you have done that you have to fight an army of souls.  Then after that is done you have to travel the 39 mile desert of the dead.  And if you have made it that far then you are allowed inside.  There have been only 13 to make it.  And thats what is on the inside that counts.

Needless to say, I’m encouraging this kid to write pursue writing as a career.  I love his creativity.

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