Six Sentence Sunday – 1/8/12 #sixsentencesunday

From The Lone Wolf.  Andrew, the main character, just walked in on his girlfriend with another guy.

I pulled her door shut behind me and calmly walked down the hall, out to the parking lot. Calmly pulled out my keys and carved “WHORE” into the driver’s side door of Lauren’s car. Calmly got into my truck and drove off.

I was in a new town with no place to live and no job for another week. Just me and a cat and a trailer full of all my stuff. What the hell was I supposed to do now?

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  1. Hey, Ed, I really liked the repetition of the word calmly. It was a great contrast to how you know he actually had to feel. And the last two sentences seem so desolate considering what he just went through. Good six.

  2. I feel bad for him. My DH had that happen to him before I met him. But he went down to his truck, got his gun and was halfway up the stairs before he thought, “What the hell am I doing?” He ended up driving away and leaving all his belongings there. Never went back.

    Great six!

  3. He seems pretty calm. LOL Loved the repetition.

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