Six Sentence Sunday – 1/29/12 #sixsentencesunday

From The Lone Wolf, my novel WIP.  A typical morning for 12-yr-old Andrew and his mom and stepdad.

“You getting smart with me?”

It wasn’t worth a fight, not before school, so I shook my head as I stood up and took my cereal bowl over to Mama.

As I walked past Gary, out of the room, he reached over real quick and smacked my head. I almost fell over but managed to stay upright, without reaching for the wall or a chair or anything. That always made him mad, when I didn’t show no reaction.

As I left the room, I thought I heard Mama let out a little sob, but with the water running it was hard to tell.

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  1. Oh, this is a tough situation. I hope they get rid of Gary.

  2. Oh man, poor kid! I hope Gary gets what’s due in the end

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