Six Sentence Sunday – 1/1/12 #sixsentencesunday

The first post of the new year!

Here’s a chunk from the new first chapter of my novel, The Lone Wolf, from the male MC’s POV.

I studied Zoe for a moment, then dropped my head into my hands. That nurse was wrong. She didn’t know anything about me, didn’t know anything about Zoe other than what was on her chart. Everything that had happened in my life was my fault. Everything that had happened to me had led me to this point, had almost cost me Zoe, the one person who now meant more to me than life itself.

How could I not beat myself up over it?

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  1. I love being in his head. Good character insights!

  2. Aw, poor guy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. would love to know the reason he feels at fault.

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