Six Sentence Sunday – 11/6/11 #sixsentencesunday

NaNoWriMo has started and I’m working my way through the novel I started last year, A Handful of Wishes, so let’s grab a chunk from it.

The premise is that for every wish there’s a consequence, and sometimes those consequences are bad.  Kill-other-people bad.

“I wish they’d stop throwing paper at me,” Zeke muttered under his breath, then froze. It had been roughly four years since he’d uttered those words, four long years that he’d tried to forget about the genie, about what his wishes had done. He didn’t have the bottle with him though. Didn’t even know where it was; probably in a box in the attic with the rest of the things from his parents’ apartment. He was safe this time, right?

“I didn’t mean it,” he whispered. 

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  1. Sounds interesting and not your typical genie story I’m guessing! Great excerpt!

  2. great premise! i’m hooked already

  3. Left me wanting to know what he did wish for…Great six.

  4. Hello, ED! I love the six! I hope you’re having a great Sunday!

  5. A great six! It sounds a very interesting take on a genie story. Thanks for sharing.

  6. So intriguing. Well done!

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