Six Sentence Sunday – 10/16/11

Another bit with Kasey and Andrew, from towards the end of The Lone Wolf.

I stared at him, growing annoyed. There were a million things I wanted to tell him, but he was the one who needed to go first tonight, not me. He was the fickle one, not me.

I hated him right now, hated him for everything he’d put me through, for rejecting me, for leading me on and using me, for taking advantage of what I’d offered him without a thought towards how I felt. But at the same time I loved him more than I could possibly express, knew I was his no matter what he did or said, knew that he only had to say the word and I’d do anything he asked of me.

“Damn you, Andrew.”

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  1. Anything? I hope that Andrew deserves this kind of devotion.

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