NaNoWriMo 2011!

Tomorrow starts the frantic insanity that is NaNoWriMo – writing a 50k word novel in 30 days.  This’ll be my third year participating (I’m emartin317 if you’d like to add me as a buddy).  In 2009 I wrote a horrible novel that’ll stay buried forever (but at least I won!).  Last year I made it about 13k into A Handful of Wishes, but wasn’t able to make it further because I was too focused on editing the novel I’d just finished (The Lone Wolf).  This year I’m in the same boat, as I really want to finish editing that novel, but I’ve been told to stop picking at it for awhile and I’m going to try to follow that advice.

This year I’m bending the rules and plan to complete my novel from last year. 

Here’s a brief overview:

Ezekiel Archer hates his life. His parents are mean, and everyone seems to hate him. His luck seems to change when he receives an old bottle that contains Paribanu – a genie, a fairy godmother, a guardian angel. Zeke now has the power to change his life with a few simple wishes. But getting one’s way has unintended consequences, a lesson he learns and forgets over the course of his life.

I’ve had a year now to work out plot details, and I’ve had some great character insights along the way.  So here’s hoping I finish this year!

Are you doing NaNo this year?  How are you feeling about it going in?

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