The Lone Wolf Soundtrack

I know I’m getting ahead of myself, seeing as my novel is still being edited and hasn’t even been picked up by an agent, let alone sold the movie rights (although Alexander Skarsgard, you should probably keep your schedule open just in case).  But that doesn’t keep me from thinking what I’d put in that soundtrack (that I’m well aware I’ll have no control over.  Shut up and let me dream).

The Connell’s “74-75” would play early on, as Kasey and David are preparing to move.  (As a side note, these guys are from the Triangle of North Carolina.  Even though I don’t live there anymore, it’s nice to know that local guys make it big.)

Autovein’s “Whisper” would pop up as Kasey and Andrew interact at McKay’s, first as they get to know each other and then later when he helps her with her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

José Gonzales’ “Heartbeats” would be played when Andrew is 17, at the end of that chapter/scene.

Placebo’s “Protège-Moi” would be played in two spots – where Andrew pulls over Kasey, and then later that night when she calms his nightmares.

Bits of Naked’s “What About You” would get thrown in for several Andrew chapters, probably the PTSD ones.

For the last chapter, in the hospital, “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.  I heard a Spanish version in a movie recently and really liked it, but really the song is always beautiful.

And of course, Kathleen Edward’s “The Lone Wolf” would play as the credits roll. 

What about you?  Do your stories and novels have soundtracks?

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