What’s in a name?

I have a confession – my name is not Ed. My first name starts with an E, and my maiden name starts with a D. But my last name really is Martin.

There are thousands of Ed Martins out there.

I am not the one running for Congress is Missouri (although Facebook seems to think I am because they have my page labelled as a community page for him).

I am not the Ed Martin selling cars in Indiana.

I am not the Ed Martin involved in a basketball scandal at the University of Michigan.

I am not the Ed Martin who’s won awards for his musical compositions.

I’m probably not even the only Ed Martin who writes fiction.

Perhaps I should’ve used something more unique, like my maiden name. But I didn’t. I like being ED Martin.  E D Martin.  Not Ed.

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  1. Mentioned it elsewhere, but I’ll pipe up again :)
    Just add periods after E and D. That way it is read as Eee Dee Martin rather than Ed Martin. That will make you stand out a bit more and avoid confusion that these are initials and not a name.

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