The problem with novel writing

The problem with novel writing is that it takes so damn long.  I started the one I’m working on in the fall of 2009.  I had an idea for it, based on a song and a couple dreams that I’d linked together.  It evolved based on life experiences and perceptions, and I finished it in October 2010.  And now that I’m editing, things are changing that are coloring my perception of the novel.  The characters are the same but I’m not, and I have the big question – do I change the novel to reflect me, or do I let it stand and try to keep it how I would’ve written it 6 months ago?  Because right now the ending is perfect, absolutely fitting and perfect, but I’m not sure my characters now deserve it to end that way.

As I said in the previous post, Kasey isn’t me.  The other characters are fictional as well.  Gotta remember that.

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