Flash fiction

I tend to be very verbose when it comes to writing.  I have no problem producing paragraphs and pages when others might stop at a few words or sentences.  When writing a novel, this trait can be helpful because I’m able to write chapters (about 75k words of them).  When I edit, of course, I can make cuts to make my thoughts more concise, but if I need extra words, I can use them.

And short stories are much the same – take the words you need, because you have the space.

So I saw a flash fiction contest and thought I’d try my hand.  The task – write 500 words.

That’s all you get.  500 words to tell a complete story.  Beginning, middle, and end in 500 words.

So I tried it.  I came in at 507 but have since edited it down to the required 500.  And now editing is very difficult because to add something is to lose something.  Every word must matter, including the title.

I’ve received positive feedback so far (even got a 5-star rating from someone who writes primarily flash fiction!), so I’m cautiously optimistic about this contest.  Several of the submissions are amazingly wonderful so I doubt I’ll place, but mine is good.  Other people think it’s good.  That’s what matters.  :)

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