Weekend Writing Warriors 10/6/13 #WeWriWa

Holy hell, it’s already October, and my novel, The Lone Wolf, launches in less than two months (57 days, to be precise)!

After her husband’s infidelities are revealed, Kasey Sanford just wants to rediscover who she is. After an abusive childhood and years as a career soldier, Andrew Adams just wants someone to tell him that he’s doing the right thing with his life. When their paths cross, Kasey and Andrew embark on a tumultuous journey that demonstrates just what they’re willing to do to save the ones they love.

For the past month I’ve been posting about Kasey, but she’s only half the story. In this chunk, Andrew and his girlfriend Lauren had a big fight, and he stormed off to his brother’s house for the night. Lauren called him and asked him to come back, to try to work things out.

It felt good to be outside, just me and the night. I glanced up at the full moon high in the sky as I drove. A poem I’d heard as a kid popped into my head: I see the moon and the moon sees me; God bless the moon and God bless me.

I laughed under my breath. God and I didn’t have much to do with each other anymore.

I hesitated outside our apartment door. When you’d been kicked out of your place, should you knock, or just go right in? Either way, Lauren would find a problem with it.

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  1. Great 8, E.D.! I love the last line which tells so much of the couple’s relationship. Well done.

  2. I love the way he thinks. He shouldn’t knock if she is going to have a problem with it either way, no need to be polite.

  3. Yup that last line says far more than meets the eye. Your characters are always so real, ED. I love how you flesh them out with little details that never seem forced.

  4. The last line is definitely compelling. I like this character! Excellent excerpt as always…

  5. Love how real you make it feel. Well done.

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