The stories veterans tell

I’ve come across a lot of veterans in my life: family members, friends, classmates, clients, students.


My great-grandfather (left) with his brother and sister, taken around 1918.


My grandfather during WWII

Each person has a unique story but shares similarities across the ages, the wars, the bases, the experiences back home.

coverI try to capture these in the eleven stories in my short story collection, The Futility of Loving a Soldier.

  • A girlfriend explains why she knew her boyfriend wouldn’t come back from the front.
  • A stranger reminds a veteran what matters in life.
  • A wife struggles to trust her husband with their baby after he returns from deployment.
  • Old friends search for a way to reclaim the dreams and plans of their childhood.
  • A woman haunted by her experiences finds an unlikely ally.
  • One man’s enlistment creates ripple effects for generations as four sons seek to make sense of what they and their fathers are fighting for.

The book also has a list of resources for helping veterans with physical or mental issues, as well as places that provide support for families.

What stories do your veterans and their families tell?

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