Six Sentence Sunday 12/30 #sixsunday

Today’s six are from this year’s NaNo novel.

Eric, one of the MC’s, has fallen in love with Mariella.  She’s engaged to another guy, Dennis, but Eric decides to reveal his feelings anyways.  Decide having feelings for him too, Mariella quickly turns him down and lists the reasons she loves Dennis.

Her words hit Eric in the stomach. He’s smart and funny too, and takes care of Mariella; hasn’t he shown that, time and again? But this last bit – he can’t compete. He’s not a good man, not like Dennis is.

“I’m sorry,” she says as she takes a step towards him, fingers twitching at her side. “There’s no point in wondering what might have been, because it is what it is.”

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  1. Oh, such a sad six. Poor Eric.

  2. Ya gotta feel for a guy turned down like that. Still, she kind of sounds like she’s trying to convince herself as much as Eric, so maybe there’s hope :)

  3. Hi! Nice little extract!

    But what is this Six Sentence Sunday thingy? The website you linked to doesn’t load atm…

  4. Hmmm, part of me feels sad for Eric and part of me wonders what he can do to change her mind – really a terrific excerpt!

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