Six Sentence Sunday 11/4 #sixsunday

This week’s six are from a story I started writing for an anthology about a machine that tells people how they’ll die.  I of course missed the deadline, because I’m horrible with deadlines, but maybe I’ll finish this in case they decide to make a third anthology.

Adam finds out that his girlfriend has had her death told.

Two weeks later, he came home to find her packing. A slip of paper lay on the table: “Boredom.”

“I love you, Adam, but the machine is right,” she told him.  “If I stay here, with you, I’ll die of boredom. I need to see the world, find someone who’ll let me have some fun. I’m sorry.”

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  1. That’s not a good way to find out. Very sad.

  2. Boredom, huh? All right, I’m very intrigued now.

  3. COOL premise, hope you do finish this story! I’m bad with deadlines too LOL…terrific six!

  4. woooo, ouch! Even if he had some idea that she was unhappy, a note like that has got to hurt bad. I think this is your strongest snippet recently. Hope you show us more of this story.

  5. Wow. What a novel way to get dumped! Very interesting.

  6. Wow! Interesting. Wonder what his reaction will be.

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