Six Sentence Sunday 10/14 #sixsunday

Today’s six are from an story I wrote about a year ago and am currently editing.  Louise isn’t sure if she’s been visited by a demon who’s taken her soul after her boyfriend Teddy broke up with her, or if she’s imagining the whole thing.

Louise closed her eyes, picturing Teddy. His blue eyes, his sandy hair – hair-colored hair, he called it, neither blond nor brown. Crinkles in the corner of his eyes when he smiled, a big real smile that didn’t come often enough towards the end of their year-long relationship. Blackened hand, stroking her hair-

Her eyes flew open. She was alone, now, but she hadn’t been just seconds ago; she’d seen the demon, felt it next to her.

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  1. I remember that story! I liked the ambiguity.

  2. Ooh, effectively scary. Can’t wait to read more – excellent excerpt!

  3. Definitely spooks me out. Really curious about that demon: is it real or is something else going on?? Why would a demon zero in on Louise? Cool snippet.

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