StoryADay update No. 1 #storyaday

As I said in a previous post, I’m participating in the May StoryADay Challenge.  Because I’m a crazy masochist like that.

But I won’t be posting the stories here, like I did with posts in the A to Z April challenge.  First, most publications consider a story that appears on a blog to be published, so I’m not going to share for that reason.  And second, I’m lazy and busy.  Writing a post a day took a lot of time, and with the end of the school year in just a couple months, I don’t have the time to post every day, especially if I’m writing the story too.

So instead, every five days or so I’ll give you an update.  Hopefully the pressure of writing them here, as well as the internet scorn and ridicule if I don’t make it, will keep me on track.

So, Day 1:

So far, I’m one for one.  I wrote a 400-word flash story called “Adolescence” (which also works for the Flash 500 prompt, which is to write a story without using any form of to be).

Are you participating in this challenge?

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