Six Sentence Sunday – 2/19/12 #sixsunday

Today’s six are again from The Lone Wolf, my novel WIP.  Female MC Kasey, pregnant with male MC Andrew’s kid, appeals to his sense of pride while pressuring him for a final decision – admit that he loves her, or they’re through.

“I’ve given myself to you completely time and time again. That’s what love is; it’s opening yourself up and making yourself vulnerable to someone else. You keep casting me aside, rejecting me, and that means that either I’m stupid for coming back, for putting myself in that position, or that we really do need each other and you’re just not strong enough to admit it. And if that’s the case then fuck you, Andrew. You’re gonna have a daughter soon whether you like it or not, and I need someone who’s going to need me, to need us. If that’s not you, then we’re done, since I can’t keep putting myself out there to be thrown aside because you’re too weak to let me love you.”

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  1. You tell him, sister! Great 6!

  2. Wow! She said a mouthful. LOL Nice Six!

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